What has helped you move on?

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What has helped you move on?

Post by am.mdm » Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:28 pm

What helped you in your journey to recovery?
I try to do new things, try to find activities that interest or motivate me. I try to find positive things, I write a gratitude list, I keep a journal, I write my thoughts and emotions, I am more aware of the things that trigger anxiety.
I go to the theatre, I find that after watching a play I am no longer focused on my problems.
I joined support groups because only survivors can understand the pain, the confusion, the mixed messages and the chaos.
I am not able to trust people as I used to, it's difficult to start a new relationship (1 year no contact).

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Re: What has helped you move on?

Post by Linda » Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:53 pm

I think that some of the things you are doing for yourself sound excellent. Self care is extremely important during this time. I have heard that some people, in spite of money issues, made it mandatory that they get a massage once a month or a pedicure. Others began working out. Truly, anything that makes you feel good and that you know is good for you. The positives slowly begin to outweigh the negatives and life turns around.

It is important to have few expectations on yourself regarding how much time recovery should take. It is anything but an overnight process and everyone's time line is different. If you have access to a good therapist, that is also something to consider.

As far as trust goes, try to think about the magnitude of what you have been through. Chances are, it was pretty significant. It is natural not to trust in the same way as you once did. On the up side, that is probably a good thing. Trusting unconditionally is one of the factors that most of us need to examine anyway. Trusting more cautiously in the future is something to practice. Baby steps. As you meet new people, perhaps build the relationships very slowly, making sure trust is earned. I feel that this is something that may never be fully restored, but it is something that can be managed. Much luck in your recovery! There will be good days and bad, and that is ok!

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