Is Psychopathy a Mental Illness?

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Is Psychopathy a Mental Illness?

Post by Growing1Souly » Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:12 pm

What is the expert call on psychopathy? Is psychopathy a mental illness? I thought psychopaths weren't "sick," just "disordered."

In the article below, the author claims that psychopathy is a mental illness.

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I checked Wikipedia. "Mental illness" is briefly mentioned at the top of the information on mental disorders and seems to be interchangeable with "mental disorder."

If "mental illness" is recognized by mental health professionals, how do they define it and in what context?

I checked online for definitions. I found statements saying that the legal definition of a psychopath differs from the mental health definition.

What definition is accepted as the most accurate? Whose definition is it?

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